About The McFadden Group

The McFadden Group is the hospitality consulting company focused on providing a deeper understanding of you and your team’s soft skills to better understand the hard skills in the hospitality industry. We service the Restaurant, Bar, and all segments of the Food & Beverage Service industry with our team having 25 years of restaurant leadership experience in some of the finest restaurants and hotels in Canada. We celebrate taking care of our local neighbourhood businesses and enterprises with operations in multiple cities bringing our experience and real life solutions to you

Our areas of expertise are:

Christopher McFadden - TMG Founder & Director

Christopher is originally from Burlington, Ontario and has spent 25 years in the restaurant industry, primarily on the west coast. 

While spending most of his younger years in the acting profession, he discovered a passion for the hospitality industry when Fairmont Hotels welcomed him to the Chateau Lake Louise in 2000. Quickly finding a love for wine, Christopher began his Sommelier studies with the International Sommelier Guild in 2001, graduating in 2004.

With a tenure of 25 years within the Canadian restaurant industry, Christopher has focused on the development of team relationships and guest relationships to create long term successes for his businesses.

Christopher and his wife Joanne, now live in Eastern Canada to be closer to family. With this, he is a driven to ensure his own personal growth is achieved so he can be a better leader for both himself and the people around him.

Always leading by example, Christopher truly believes that the strength of a team is developed
through an engaging manner to achieve the greatest results.

"To truly be happy, one must achieve a better version of themselves to be better for others"

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