Team Training & Development

We believe that your team’s skills must come from creating the best from their personalities. Training them to be better at taking care of your guests and customers comes from developing themselves first.

Technical skills alone cannot take your restaurant employees very far. Politeness, helpfulness and kindness are necessary soft skills for employees to develop when serving guests. Training plans should include exercises to enhance the learner’s emotional intelligence.

We work with your team on the following:

The Elements Of Team Leadership.

The Right People: One of the key elements to building a great team is filling it with the right people. There is a particular mix that you’re looking for. It’s hard to have a team filled with all leaders or all soldiers. Here are a few types of people to look for when building your team:
Conflict Management: Your great team is made up of humans, so you can expect some conflict. Remember that differences are okay. What defines your team is how the conflict is handled.
Cooperation: Your great team depends on their ability to cooperate well together. In order to be productive, there are a few team behaviours to guide you in building your team.
Shared Values: Don’t overlook the importance of shared values. When the values of your team members are aligned, you’ll experience less fighting.
Commitment: Commitment is vital to the team’s success. Each team member must be able to set aside his or her personal goals to benefit the team. This helps ensure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same end.
Communication: Your team members must be able to share their thoughts and feelings without any repercussions. You want to create an environment of open communication.

Complementary Strengths: You want your team members to complement one another.

The McFadden Group will develop an effective soft skills program to provide greater employee satisfaction to increase retention in your business. Our end goal is simple – we are here to develop your employees soft skills needed to complement your business’s required hard skills.

Building stronger teams leads to building more successful skills.

We work with your teams specializing in offering these specific services – 

The world of wine

With accredited Sommeliers at The McFadden Group, having built and introduced wines programs Canada wide. We know how important a wine program is in your business and we are here to help.

We offer services for designing your wine list, updating your wine list, wine cellar management and inventory services for both new and seasoned restaurant and wine professionals.

TMG is proud to also offer private tastings, planning of wine dinners & events and seminars & lectures.

management of Inventory Programs

Yes, this is stressful, annoying, mind-numbing; BUT, it needs to be done and done correctly! With over 20 years of restaurant inventory experience, The McFadden Group will help you nail this very important part of our positions and conduct it with ease and calmness to help you be organized and structured to have more effective results.

We work with you on..

We specialize in creating Inventory programs with Excel Spreadsheets, Accubar & Optimum Control systems.

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